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*I would be interested in doing these activities:
ten-pin bowling
pub outing
eating out at a restauraunt/cafe
walk and a drink
cinema/theatre outing
forum-type chat
listening to guest speakers on topics of interest
social skills lesson sessions
other (please state)
*I will be travelling to the meetings...
by driving myself
by getting a lift from my carer or guardian
by catching the bus
by catching the train
by cycling/walking
but I will need help or support to get to them (please state)
other (please state)
*I will require support at the meetings by....
having my carer/guardian or friend attend with me
having specific directions to the venue
having a quiet space to retreat to in case I require time to think
having a breakdown as to what will happen and what to expect during the meetings
having spefic dietry requirements catered for
other (please state)

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